Switch Kit


Switching your checking account may seem like an impossible task. So, we’ve broken down into 4 easy to manage steps.

  1. Open New Checking Account.  Gather the required documents to open the account for you and any joint owners of the account. Driver’s License and social security card.
  2. Set Up Direct Deposit.  This is an easy process, your member service representative will give you the necessary information (Routing Number and Checking Account Number).
  3. Switch Automatic Payments.  You may pay a number of bills automatically from your old bank account.  This is a critical step that can trip up folks.  If you close your old account before making these changes, you may miss important payments.  It’s also critical to remember to keep enough money in your old account to cover these payment until you’ve made the switch.
  4. Close Your Old Account. Go to your old bank and close your account once all the checks and other withdrawals have cleared and you are certain that your automatic payments are successfully being withdrawn from the new account. With this step it’s critical to make sure all payments have cleared your old account, otherwise you could end up bouncing a check.

Now, switching your checking account to Gulf States is easier than ever. Please use the forms provided below, to change your account over to Gulf States Credit Union!

Account Closing Form
Direct Deposit Form
Direct Payment Change