Remote Check Capture

Steps to complete Remote Check Capture:

1. Log into online banking app on PHONE (will not work on computer)

2. Deposit Tab
a. Deposit check
b. Deposit into (choose your account to deposit into)
c. After data is filled out, select TAKE PHOTO (edit check amount)
d. Take photo (for new users may ask for access to your camera), select YES
e. Capture photo of FRONT first
f. Must sign and write FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY on back of check
g. Capture photo of back of check
h. You will be informed if check has successfully gone through

3. Check History Tab
a. Pending (checks that are awaiting approval by credit union)
b. Accepted (checks that have been credited to account)
c. Fail (checks that have been rejected by the system or credit union)

a. Members must call the Credit Union to set up Remote Check Capture
b. Works for Checking and Savings accounts only
c. Cut off time for deposits is 3:00 pm
d. There is a one day hold for approval
e. Up to $100 will be available the first day
f. Amount deposited can not exceed $1,500 daily (there may be exceptions)
g. Other restrictions may apply
h. For any questions related to remote capture you may email us at