Fee Schedule

Checking & Share Accounts
Fee Type Fee Amount
Return check (NSF) on account holder $ 30.00
Overdraft Privilege (NSF) 30.00
Returned two party checks 3.00
Stop Payment 20.00
Copy of canceled check 5.00
Printout of account activity 1.00
Statement copies (per page) 1.00
Automatic transfer from shares to checking to cover O/D 3.00

Fee Type Fee Amount
Cashiers Checks (payable to a 3rd party) 5.00
Dormant Accounts – Monthly (no activity for 1 yr.) 1.00
Dormant Accounts – Monthly (no activity for 4 yr.) 5.00
Wire Transfers / outgoing (domestic) 10.00
(international) 35.00
Wire Transfers / incoming 5.00
Notary Free
Research for court ordered information ask for a quote

ATM / Shared Branching Transaction Fees
Fee Type Fee Amount
Gulf States Machine Free
Point-of-Sale Transactions Free
CU24 Deposits Free
CU24 Withdrawals $    0.50*
Exchange, Presto & Star Withdrawals 0.75*
Any ATM Transfer or Inquiry 0.25*
Shared Branch Transaction (if member has only a share account) 2.75
*Other financial institutions (outside of the CU24/CUHERE network)
may charge an ATM surcharge to use their machines in
addition to the above fees.

Loans & VISA Cards
Fee Type Fee Amount
Late Charge on Loans 5% of payment
Late Charge on VISA up to 25.00